The Strasbourg rule on 19X19


The basic rules presented in flash animation are completed by:

The super ko rule
Our choices concerning handicap games
A useful way of counting.

The super ko rule

Reappearance of the same board position is forbidden throughout the game.

Handicap games

Handicap stones are placed on hoshi points respecting the traditional positions.
As for even games, the result is only calculated by counting the stones on the goban.

Ing Counting


The players take the same number of stones.

The game can begin.
The stones captured during the game are given back to the opponent.

Position after 250 moves.
"Dame" must be played alternately.
 They worth one point each.

After the "dame", the score can't change anymore.
It is not necessary to play the next moves alternately.

Dead stones are taken off.

Three white stones are placed in black territory for the komi.

Territories are filled following the principle of Strasbourg rule.

White wins.
He has 5 more stones on the goban.